Ask Smart Questions to Get an Idea about Used Cars Overall Condition

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Buying a car, which is of a different brand can be challenging because you are going to make a large financial commitment. With a little bit research and preparation, you can make this trip to the pre-owned car dealership very smooth.

You wish to buy a luxury Mercedes Benz but new one is out of your price range, so you plan to choose the pre-owned route. There are some queries you need to make with the Mercedes-Benz dealer. Some of them can be asked over phone or via email, while a few can be asked face-to-face. With these questions you will not identify an ideal car but it will help do detect any potential issues.

To get an idea of the used cars overall health ask the following questions.

Where did the car come from?

Used car are sourced –

  • Directly from trade-ins against new cars
  • Demo cars
  • Auctions
  • Rental car fleets

Knowing the vehicle source will allow you to get an accurate idea of its maintenance history.

Why is owner selling?

Owners have reason to sell. If the owner is looking to sell fast then it is good for you as price can be negotiated down. If owner is waiting to get good price means the car is good and you will not get it at low price. If the dealer does not give clear answer then it is a bad sign.

How many preceding owners?

If the car has multiple preceding owners then it is not surprising for old vehicle but can even indicate issues. Relatively new car with comparatively low mileage and several owners may also need deep digging in its history.

What is the mileage digit?

Mileage is also a prime factor that decides the car value and gives an insight of its condition and possible maintenance cost. High mileage means more wear & tear. Price negotiation can certainly be on the basis of mileage.

Do you supply third party report?

It is a good idea to get 3rd party car history report. It will answer many crucial questions about ownership history, mileage, and if it has been in accident or not. Make sure to check the VIN number on the report. This does not mean that crash damaged car must be avoided but make sure that the repairs are done properly.

If you are considering CPO Mercedes Benz then check the inspection reports?

Buying CPO car has become popular. The approved car dealership offers new warranty of one year on the pre-owned vehicles. Checking the inspection reports help you to see exactly the overall performance condition and necessary services of the potential used car you are thinking about buying.