On-board weighing systems

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People who work in materials handling know that weight control is a fundamental step because it is necessary to know the actual quantity and measure introduced during loading.

This operation can be carried out transporting and moving the load from the bridge grip point to the loading point and vice versa.

But there is also another choice: you can choose to save time and effort with on-board weighing.

On-board weighing is possible thanks to these 3 elements that are installed in an easy and fast way:

  • on-board instrumentation;
  • sensor without contact of the weighing zone, usually applied to the front bucket;
  • load sensors for information on lifting pressure.

The question to ask is whether these weighing systems can be adapted to any type of vehicle for loading and unloading materials.

On-board weighing: with which means it can be used

In general, on-board weighing can be applied to a large number of different media and vehicles. This is for two main reasons:

  • the on-board instrumentation can be placed anywhere in the cabin;
  • sensors are easy to install.

Regarding the means on which the weigher can be used are:

  • wheel loader;
  • tern;
  • skid steer;
  • excavator;
  • dump truck;
  • hydraulic loader and loader;
  • forklift;
  • concrete mixer;
  • front or rear load trucks;
  • multibenz truck;
  • roll-off truck;
  • articulated vehicle;
  • van;
  • tractor;
  • baler;
  • agricultural trailer;
  • container.

This versatility is given by the components of the weigher that are 3. One is located inside the cabin, the second is applied to the bucket and the third between the bucket and the cabin.

Clearly when you have a more complex vehicle like a container ship, the elements to be installed increase, but not too much. Only the inclination and arm position sensors are added.

If all this was not enough to choose the on-board weighing, maybe we could mention IPOTWEB.com. It is the load management software that allows you to enter into the database all the information recorded by the weighing machines, and exports them to a billing software; it allows the traceability of loads directly on Smartphone or tablet.

IPOTWEB also allows you to create reports, perhaps related to inventory, sales, productivity of each machine in the fleet, allowing the administration of the company to cut off the time needed to store this information.