Three Reasons Consumers Prefer Frozen Raspberries Over Fresh

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Raspberries are picked at their peak sweetness which coincides with the peak of summer. Although growing and nurturing them takes months, the harvest season lasts just a few weeks. Raspberry lovers are always looking forward to the right season. But, what about those months when fresh raspberries are not around?

Some people may try to freeze the fresh raspberries they bought from the supermarket. But, the best option is to get frozen raspberries since the freezing process was carried out by experts. Professional growers and farmers can perfectly grow and freeze these delicious fruits. Their job takes passion and commitment to achieve perfection. Here’s why frozen raspberries are famous among many consumers:

They Have Maintained their Original Flavor

Growers choose just high-quality raspberries for freezing. They pick those at their peak ripeness, those with a bold red hue, and those that are falling off their bush or canes. After harvesting the ripe berries, they undergo the process called flash frozen within just hours with the use of only cold air. This process may happen on the same farm the raspberries were grown. Their preservation does not involve any chemicals, sugar, and preservatives to maintain their integrity and sweet-tart flavor. The fruits usually become a private label of frozen fruits that will be distributed by brands to various channels.

They are Good for the Health

Raspberries are full of vitamin C and other essential nutrients. Because they are very low in sugar, consumers can enjoy them without compromising their health. Studies have found that ability of these fruits to help with controlling blood sugar, achieving satiety, and providing anti-inflammatory power.

They are Affordable

People choose to buy frozen raspberries because of their being economical. Consumers will get a good value of their money since these fruits do not spoil even if they will use them later. When compared to the cost of fresh raspberries, the frozen ones may give more bang for the money. Plus, freezing is likely to help in reducing spoilage and food waste. Just like other frozen fruits, frozen raspberries provide convenience and super quality at any time of the year.

Harvesting and freezing raspberries are complicated tasks. They include agronomy, food safety, and the unpredictability from nature every year. With farmers’ sacrifice, commitment, and passion, they have adopted the new science for picking peak-of-ripeness fruit to make sure that consumers will enjoy raspberries long after they have been harvested.