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Nowadays, there is so much choice around that we don’t know where to start looking. No wonder Google is a multi-billion-dollar company; their mission statement is ‘organising the world’s knowledge’. And with so much information out there, it’s hard to find what we want, even with bloody Google on our side! In terms of style and fashion, it’s no different and one department that is forever expanding is footwear. From trainers to hiking boots, men have always been picky with what they choose to protect their feet with.

Though fads and trends have come and gone over the years, like true veterans, five shoes styles remain. Like Mr Balboa, they have stood the test of time and like Halle Berry they just get better with age. Here are the top five shoes every guy should own. Period! Your personal choices will mature with age but with these classics, you can never go wrong.

  • The Plain White Trainer

The humble white trainer is an extremely versatile piece of footwear. With a greater number of men gaining the confidence to wear their trainers with trousers, its appeal has never been greater. Being white means it’s the perfect partner to any colourful outfit albeit with jeans, shorts or trousers. Trendy styles can be determined by the choice of fabric and cut, but for those looking for a classic, stick with simple tennis canvas styles or Converse All Stars.

Best Style: Converse All Stars

  • The Casual Shoe

The casual shoe is the pair that you cannot wear with your suit. It’s the shoe that can, however, be worn with khakis and jeans, as well as shorts at times. Since not every occasion is trainer-appropriate, you’re going to need a second type of casual shoe. The most popular styles are either the driving Moc or the Classic Deck Shoe.

Best Style: Deck Shoes

  • The Black Dress Shoe

Probably THE most important pair of shoes you’ll ever own. For those high-brow formal occasions or a regular day at work, it’s a classic piece of footwear, so time should be invested when making your purchase. If they are leather, always keep them polished. Wear your black shoes with smart trousers or a pair of dark dress jeans in blue or black.

Best Style: Oxfords

  • The Brown Dress Shoe

For many, brown is the new black. For me though, like Liverpool FC, it will forever be the runner-up. It’s still an extremely important investment when you begin to build your wardrobe. You’ll soon notice that you will need to give ya-old-blackens a rest and if you have a grey or blue suit, your brown shoes will be well-matched. Pair them with some super chic Tom Ford glasses for a real stylish look.

Best Style: Wing Tips

  • The Ankle Boot

This covers a wide range from Caterpillar styles to Chelsea boots. It’s an important piece especially during the winter season. They allow you to wear something other than your trainers or dress shoes with your jeans; let’s call them the happy medium of casual footwear. Ankle boots work perfectly with cargo’s and looser, less dressy jeans. Its high cuts are really making a comeback this year and can be found on every catwalk. For a more classic look, stick to the lower ankle cuts.

Best style: High Tops

So, they are your top five shoes. Go and buy them all. Not necessarily at once, but do buy them all. Credit Crunch? Who cares. Buy them. (One more time for luck…) Buy. Them. All.